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Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel
Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel
Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel Room
Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel
Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel Spa
Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel
Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel Swimming Pool
Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel Aerobics
Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel Dining
Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel Dining
Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel Dining
Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel
Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel Dining
Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel
Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel
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142 Jungshing Road Yuchr Shiang 555 Sun Moon Lake, Nantou Taiwan
   Hotel Overview
Overview - Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel

The Lalu is located on Sun Moon Lake’s Lalu Peninsula. In the past, the building served as Chiang Kai Shek’s travel accommodation. With a base area of 10 hectares, the hotel is divided into three buildings: Building ‘A’ houses the guest rooms; Building ‘B’ houses recreation equipment, including the spa, gym, sauna and members club; and Building C houses the villa, meeting rooms, library and parking lot.

The Lalu’s total floor area is 26,690 square metres, or about 8,000 pings. With a total investment cost of NT$1.86 billion, Shining Group spent over five years to complete the reconstruction of The Lalu since purchasing it in 1997. Its new style and features were unveiled to the public on March 3rd, 2002.

The Lalu’s architectural design centres on the themes of utmost simplification of Zen style and is constructed with four major building materials of wood, stone, glass and iron. Its unique “Ongoing Style” of architecture has impressed the public and alread becomes a model imitated by restaurants, hotels and various personal and business establishments.

   Location & Hotel Map
Location - Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel

Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel
 Location MapThe Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel in Sun Moon Lake is positioned on the Peninsula of the Sun Moon Lake. The building of the hotel is quite appealing that reflects a unique architectural design, apart from that the surroundings are also marvelous. The Taichung Domestic Airport is 1.5 hours away and the Chiang Kai Shek International Airport is 3.5 hours away from the Location of Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel in Sun Moon Lake. The hotel provides shuttle service to and from the Taichung Domestic Airport and Taichung train Station.

   Rooms & Accommodation
Accommodation - Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel

Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite includes an entrance hallway, a reading room, living room, dining room, master bedroom, room for preparing meals, and a bodyguard room. Silk walls, sofas by the fireplace area, a reading room that faces Lalu Island, and the Chinese antique decorations all create an ambience fit for a monarch.

Courtyard Pool Villa (Two-Bedroom)

The Courtyard Pool Villa has a spacious living room, fireplace, dining room, room for preparing meals, two bedrooms and a 12 metre long private, temperature-controlled swimming pool for you to enjoy with the family. If you are tired, rest in the half-open teak pavilion next to the pool and enjoy light clouds and the soft breeze. When the moon rises, invite your family and friends for a moonlight party.

Courtyard Pool Villa (One-Bedroom)

The Courtyard Pool Villa is a paradise for two. The three metre tall fences ensure total privacy. The backyard garden contains a special atmosphere where you can enjoy an outdoor bath with the sky above, and a 12 metre long, temperature controlled swimming pool allows for nude swimming. From the bathroom to the backyard garden, the emphasis is on spaciousness. Imagine your own room with a fireplace and a front yard with your own long swimming pool.

Lakeview Suite (Two-Bedroom)

Each Lakeview Suite double has a spacious living room and two individual bedrooms, and some have their own fireplace. Each suite has a spacious balcony offering guests the opportunity to own the inspiring views of Sun Moon Lake.

Lakeview Suite (One-Bedroom)

The Lakeview Suites were designed with a whole new approach to space perspective. At all times, guests have views of the lake. In the living room, bedroom and bathroom, life and beautiful views of the lake become intertwined. The balcony will allow you to taste your life from another perspective. Lying on the balcony day bed with a loved one, watch the sunrise and sunset, lights from fishing boats, or count the stars. You will realise the meaning of an ancient Chinese poem: ¡§This scene should only appear in heaven; it is rare to happen in the human world.

Each room has the following facilities:
• Mini refrigerator and a bar providing cold drinks.
• Air conditioner with individual control system.
• Some suites have fireplaces.
• Satellite TV programmes
• 2 separate phone lines
• Phone line on the balcony for Internet connection
• International direct phone dialling
• Individual balconies
• Electronic safe
• Coffee, tea and hot beverage facilities
• Mini stereo
• Exquisite bathroom items
• Hair dryer
• Bathrobes

   Facilities & Services
Facilities - Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel
  • The Lalu Spa
  • The Sauna
  • The Steam Room
  • The Dry Sauna Room
  • The Lalu Gym and Bike Rental
  • The Aerobics Room
  • The Lalu Salon
  • The Tennis Courts
  • The Lalu Boutique Shop
  • Meeting Rooms
  • The Lalu Memorial Hall
  • The Longest Warm Water Swimming Pool in Taiwan
  • Lalu Jetty
  • Visit the Secluded Places on Hanbi Trail
  • Fishing Trip on the Lake
  • The Lalu Library
  • The Lalu Banquet Hall
  • The Lobby Bar & Lounge
  • The Chinese Teahouse
  • The Japanese Restaurant
  • The Oriental Brasserie
  • The Lake View Veranda
  • Room Service Dining
  • Food & Beverage Activity
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