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Reservation and Cancellation

All reservations must be made through our web site at least 3 days before arrival and is subject to availability.

In the event of cancellations, there is no cancellation charge except that once a booking is confirmed a 5.0% E-Commerce Credit Card Processing Fee Charge of the total amount will be imposed if cancellation is notified to us according to the cancellation policy set by individual hotel or between 04- 21 days prior to check-in date depending on the season.

A one room night cancellation charge will be imposed if a confirmed reservation is cancelled less than the cancellation period as per stated by the hotel cancellation policy. During certain peak seasons, stiffer cancellation conditions and charges may be imposed. Cancellation terms and condition are subject to change without prior notice cos it varies from hotel to hotel. We will re-confirm the cancellation period via email upon confirming your reservation.

All changes and cancellations to the reservations must be made through by written notice either by Fax or E-Mail.
We do not accept cancellations by phone. Hotels will not entertain direct interventions as we are their agent.
If you were to cancel directly with hotel itself, we will not entertain any dispute, promises or refund that transpire between your goodself and the hotel staff at all.

Please note that reservations will NOT be processed without a valid credit card and complete information.

Prices will only impose charges for hotel room(s) or tour package(s). Other expenses incurred incurred by the user is payable to the Hotel or local Tour Representative. For instance, the user is required to pay directly to the Hotel for any extras such as food and beverages consumed, room services, pay-per-view TV, mini bar expenditures, telephone charges etc.

If the user encounters any “double charging” on the hotel room(s), the user is required to contact the Hotel directly for a refund. “Double charging” occurs when the user is charged twice: once by and another by the Hotel. Please take note that the Hotel cannot charge the user again for the hotel room(s) except if the user extends his/her stay or additional rooms have been requested for.

Similarly tour packages cover only the basic stipulated destinations. Any extensions to the tour or additional expenses incurred will be payable to the local tour agent/operator.

We reserve the right to change, amend or alter prices and/or tour itinerary/or any of the conditions stated herein from time to time with or without prior notice.


Payment shall be made by credit card and we currently accept Visa and MasterCard. Credit card transactions are handled by a third-party financial institution, which receives the credit card number and other personal identifying information only to verify the credit card numbers and process transactions. Payments are therefore subject to the approval of the financial institution and shall not be liable in any way if such financial institution refuses to accept or honor the credit card for any reason.

Non-Cancellation Policy (NCP)

Our Non-Cancellation Policy (NCP) is based upon the policies adopted by the Hotels and Tour Operators. Each establishment has their own Non-Cancellation Policy which will vary according to seasons and other factors. Consequently, our NCP is subject to these changes and could be amended without prior notice.

Cancellations made within the non-cancellation period i.e. Last Minute Cancellation, will be subject to a cancellation charge imposed by the Hotel. For details on the NCP and the charges, please refer to the relevant Hotel details by performing a hotel search.

Refund Policy

We will refund the full amount less 5.0% E-Commerce Credit Card Processing Fee to the user provided the cancellation is made before the specified non-cancellation period. With regards to cancellations made within the non-cancellation period, the user will be refunded the initial billed rate less any cancellation and administrative charges. The amount refunded will vary according to the Hotel’s NCP and cancellation charges. All users are advised to check the respective hotel’s NCP and its charges before making any reservations.

Refunds will not be granted for NO SHOW reservations (does not check in). In addition, reserves the right to refuse any payment or refund whether to the users or Hotel for agreements and/or separate arrangements made between the user and Hotel on refunds or cancellations of bookings.

In the case of cuts short stay (immature stay) after checking-in at the Hotel, the user should approach the Hotel directly for refunds subject to the Hotel policy.


When you place orders or access your account information, we offer the use of a secure server. The industry standard security measures available through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protects the confidentiality and security of online transactions by encrypting all information you input before it is sent to us and the financial institution. The authentication and encryption ensures that credit card information, as well as personal information, submitted as part of the buying process, cannot be read, altered or intercepted en route. The encoded credit card details provided will be transferred and decrypted ONLY by the financial institution for their processing.

*We can be contacted at +603-78873313 / 78873314: in Malaysia.

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