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Editor's Pick

Whale Watching, Perth, Australia
Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Kilimanjaro, Africa

Golf Golf & Country Clubs

Special Interests

Australian FootballAustralian Football League
The game Australian Football League or Aussie Rules, is a unique combination of Rugby and Gaelic Football. Originating from Melbourne, this game used to be played by miners on the Victorian gold fields in the 1850s.

Special Interests

  Hong Kong

Special Interests


Special Interests


Special Interests
Angling, Bird Watching, Cave Exploring, Jungle Trekking, Mountain Climbing, Off Road Driving, Scuba Diving, Summit Gym, Trail Riding, White Water Rafting

Bird WatchingBird Watching
Malaysia's vast expanses of rainforests are home to more than 700 species of exotic bird-life, including some extremely rare ones. Due to its location on the cross-migratory path of certain bird species, Malaysia has emerged as a bird watching haven.
  New Zealand

Special Interests
Outdoor Activities, Water Activities


Special Interests


Special Interests


Special Interests
Acupuncture, Great Wall, Mountaineering, paleontology


Special Interests
Baseball, Martial Art, Sumo

There are some who claim that sumo is a national sport, while others say it is a national spirit. The sumo wrestler (rikishi) may just say that it is long, hard work to short-lived glory.

Special Interests


Special Interests


Special Interests


Special Interests


Special Interests
4WD, Biking, Elephant Riding, Jungle Trekking, Kayaking, River Rafting, Buddhist Meditation, Elephant Training, Marine Life, National Parks, Orchid Farms, Thai Massage, Wild Thailand

Elephant RidingElephant Riding
Elephants used to be a major form of transport before the rivers and roads were discovered. They are still used these days especially in Thailand's dense forest and broad rivers where it is virtually impassable by other modern modes of transport.

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