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Hakka Restaurant

Restaurants Restaurants Cafes Cafes
Malaysia Malaysia
Hong Kong

Asian Food, Australian Favorites, Bush Tucker, Modern Cuisine

Modern CuisineModern Cuisine
Modern Australian cuisine involves the mixing of completely different ethnic traditions. Potent Asian flavors such as lemon grass, coriander, chili, and cardamom can be blended into many European dishes.

Food in Brunei

  Hong Kong

Cantonese Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Etiquette, Other Cuisine


Famous, Types of Food


Breakfast, Chinese Food, Hawkers, Indian Food, Malay Food, Nyonya Food

Chinese FoodChinese Food
The Dim Sum has more than 30 items and includes delights such as the baked egg custard, pan-fried carrot cake, baked cake with sausages and turkey ham, steamed seafood dumplings with shark's fin, steamed soft noodles with shrimps, steamed crabsticks stuffed with fish paste, deep-fried dumplings with salted eggs and red bean paste, and very promising-sounding steamed fresh super prawn dumplings.
  New Zealand

Regional Specialties, What to Eat, Wine


Chinese Food, Hawkers, Indian Food, Malay Food, Others


Exotic Cuisine


Food in China


Food in Japan

Sashimi or sliced raw fish/seafood (such as tuna or octopus) is best served with condiments such as shredded daikon radish or gingerroot, wasabi, and soy sauce.

Food in Macau

Food in Macau
Macau offers a wide variety of good restaurants with various cuisine: Portuguese, Macau, Chinese, Shanghainese, European, Japanese, and more.

Food in Myanmar


Cooking Methods, Desserts, Ingredients, National Dishes, Regional


Eastern, Northern, Others, Southern, Western


Central, Herbs, North, Northeastern, South

Central Region's DietCentral Region's Diet
Much of what we now know as Thai cuisine evolved from the central region. Rice, fish, and vegetables, flavored with garlic, black pepper, and fish sauce, along with an abundance of fresh fruits, comprises the basic diet of Sukhothai.

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