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Welcome to Rawa Island Resort & Information

Rawa Island Introduction

Pulau Rawa is famous for it's tall palm trees, white coral sand and off shore coral reef which is rich with marine life and neon-green coloured fishes and other remarkable forms of sea life.This vivid beauty lies 16 km off the coast of Mersing. With many caves and coral reefs with abundant tropical fishes and other forms of marine life, the island remains hidden due to the wooden chalets nestled among coconut groves. This heavenly locale, among the waters of the South China sea, takes one away from every tension and stress of all kinds.

How to Get There

Firstly, get to Kota Tinggi by using the Tebrau Highway. From there, go to Mersing, which is located about 138 kilometres away. At Mersing, take the speed boat to Rawa Island. Don't worry about your vehicle overnight as there are secured parking spots at relatively low charges.

Rawa Island, Pulau Rawa Resort

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