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Welcome to Tinggi Island Resort & Information

Tinggi Island Introduction

The island has fresh water, fruits, rattan, timber and a well sheltered harbor. Journey by boat to Tinggi Island takes approximately 40 minutes. Crystal clear water and the 'green' island makes you forget the stress of working life as you enjoy the beautiful view. Don't miss the sunset view from Tinggi Island. An island nearby, 'Berlima' is a very suitable place for swimming and snorkeling. 'Berlima' simply means five, which represent five small island. Another snorkeling destination is Sibu Kukus and Mentinggi Island.

How to Get There

You need to drive to Johor Bahru and drive ahead until Kota Tinggi (approx. 1 hr) Tanjung Leman's jetty is located at Kota Tinggi town (about 45 minutes from Kota Tinggi).
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